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The Freja Forum Foundation works for cooperation that favors the democratic development in the Western Balkans as well as in Sweden.

Marshall Help – in a small scale”

”Swedish companies build bridges with the Balkans
— Voices on Digital Nomads in Almedalen

One of our projects is called Digital Nomads

 In Sweden there is a lack of IT skilled professionals and residental housing, two resources there are plenty of in the university city of Tuzla, Bosnia. One of Bosnia’s biggest challenges is to maintain its well-educated citizens. Of the country's five million inhabitants two million live abroad.

Freja Foundation is conducting an initiative together with the Civil Organisation Censor in order to create better conditions for newly graduated students. Through our sponsorship, Swedish companies have access to academic skills in IT, analysis and statistics at a lower cost, and a Bosnian graduate is given the opportunity to build his skills and CV.

A classic win-win concept!

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