Freja in Almedalen

Almedalen intervju2.jpg

huge interest for Digital nomads

During Almedalen 2018,Freja Foundation was present meeting a number of business representatives about the project Digital Nomads. Many skype interviews between Swedish companies and skilled young academics in Tuzla took place - and it is wonderful to see how skype and wifi enables interesting meetings. The University in Tuzla has focused on education within AI, Robotics, and Smart Material. Competences that Swedish companies are in need of already, and woth a rising demand.

Great initiativ!”

”Good to offer solutions for young adademics”

”So easy to handle for the companies!
— Voices about Digital Nomads in Almedalen 2018

The goal is to start the first project in Tuzla, fall 2018. After Almedalen we’re convinced this is a true win-win concept!

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