Freja Foundation in Almedalen 2019


On July 3 Freja Forum Foundation gave seminar on the right to a home

Young people in Sweden and Europe about the right to their own home. For several years, the possibility for young people to create their own lives has been hindered by not being able to find a place to create a home.
A panel of young people and experts discussed the housing situation for young people. One of the conclusions from todays seminar was that more cooperation over the boarders is needed since the problems for youth are very similar in most parts of Europe. Changes can actually be achieved with small resources to create confidence in the future. If the will exists, it can change a lot.

Panel participators:
Maja Staleska, President, Youth Organisation Skopje
Kemal Nedzibovic, Student/project assistent, Project HOLICOB, Tuzla
Johan Pelling, Regional director, HGF region AROS Gävle
Representative, Youth organisation EU, Brussels
Martin Hofverberg, Expert, Swedish Union Tenants

Liselott Vahermägi, Freja Forum Foundation

Cecilia Hjertzell